Ilala Ferry

Likoma Island is a little off the beaten track – which suits most people. There are few options when choosing transport to get to Mango Drift. One of the more chosen routes is on the MV Ilala, an old steamer that ferries people and goods up and down the lake on a weekly schedule.


Nyasa Express

Arriving on Likoma by flight is something that will stick in your memories forever. Nyasa Express fly to Likoma on charter and schedule flights.

Book a flight 

+265 998 93 37 14.

  • Flights from Lilongwe - 1hour

  • Flights from Mzuzu - 30 minutes


MV Chambo 

The Chambo is a more modern and faster option; snacks and drinks are available onboard, it is the only boat with scheduled cruising to Mozambique. Tickets are bought on the ship on the day in Malawi Kwacha. The approx. US$ one-way fares are:-​

  • Likoma – Nkhata Bay (price: $6)

  • Likoma - Mbamba Bay (price: $10)

  • Likoma Metangula (price: $13)

Tickets for both the Ilala and Lemani are available onboard. Make sure you keep your ticket with you as it will be checked when you are leaving the ferry.

Nkhata Bay - Likoma Island (Ilala)

Every Monday

Departure at 11pm - arrival at 7am (Tuesday) 

Cabin Class

Upper Deck

Lower Deck





Senga Bay - Likoma Island (Ilala)

Every Friday afternoon

Departure at 16:30pm - arrival midday (Saturday)

Cabin Class

1st Class

3rd Class






Nkhata Bay - Chizimulu - Likoma Island (Lamani)

Every Monday and Thursday

Departure at 8:30am - arrival in the evening

One class



MV Chambo schedule:

Monday: Mbamba Bay (Tanzania) - Likoma Island - Cobue (Mozambique) - Metangula (Mozambique)

Wednesday:  Metangula (Mozambique) - Cobue (Mozambique) - Likoma Island - Chizimulu

Thursday:  Nkhata Bay - Chizimulu - Likoma Island - Cobue (Mozambique) - Metangula (Mozambique)


Saturday:  Metangula (Mozambique) - Cobue (Mozambique) - Likoma Island - Mbamba Bay (Tanzania)

If you have any questions or need any advice on getting to Likoma Island please do not hesitate to contact us at